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Photo: Tristar Vacuum CleanerYou learn something new every day. Over the years I have grown attached to, of all things, a vacuum cleaner but not just any vacuum cleaner. I’m talking a vintage Tristar. Long story short, a number of years ago, driving through Los Angeles, I noticed a garaged door opened with hundreds of vacuum cleaner hoses on display. I pulled over and discovered what could almost be a vacuum cleaner museum and somewhere among all the hoses, vacuums, brushes and accessories—Saul Lewinson—a little old Jewish man stooped over piddling with a vacuum cleaner motor standing at his workbench. Saul was a remarkable man, pushing ninety, a retired vacuum cleaner salesman back in the day when vacuums were sold by an army of door-to-door salesmen just like Saul. And a good one, I walked away with a genuine refurbished Tristar vacuum cleaner.

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