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AT Resources

Illustration: Hands and arms reaching together

There are numerous available Assistive Technology resources available online. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Zebreda Makes It Work!

Zebreda Makes It Work! highlights a series of videos, demonstrations, reflections and shared experiences by Zebreda Dunham on the practical use, customization, adaptation and creation of a wide range of Assistive Technology.

Ability Tools

Ability Tools, formerly the AT Network, is California’s Assistive Technology Act Program, provides a variety of services for Californians with disabilities of all ages, including an abundance of AT-related information and resources.


As an online AT distributor, Infogrip provides a range assistive technology products and solutions. Good guys with good customer service.

Access and Inclusion through Technology

David Banes is an AT specialist and consultant with over thirty years of experience in the assistive technology field. Banes has developed AT resources on an international level with a keen understanding of AT service provision unique to culture, environment and end-users. The Access and Inclusion website is full of information and resources on current AT trends and products from low- to high-tech.

Enabling Devices

Enabling Devices is an online distributor that's been around forever. I like the website because it has a wide range of AT—at reasonable prices—and helps me sort out possible options. A good place to start but keep in mind, the best price is not always the best solution.

Georgia Project for Assistive Technology

A good website with tons of information on AT and student achievement, productivity, independence and inclusion. Good site for students, parents and educators, alike.